Today’s featured artist, Geoffrey Scott Goeres-Hill (born March 26, 1987), known professionally as oDARKMATT3Ro, is an American record producer, recording engineer, songwriter, rapper, graphic artist, developer, programmer, designer, and photographer from Orange County, California! Born in 1987, he got his first love of music at the young age of two, learning from family how to play classical music on the piano. As he grew he quickly added singing in to the routine, as well as advancing to many other instruments such as guitar, saxophone, clarinet, drums, and bass guitar to name a few! In 1999, he joined a rock band which performed their first single in concert soon after in 2000. Out of high school he got into producing music with his friends, mostly hip hop beats, guitar medleys, lyrics, or video game music, and has continued as a hobby to this day. The genres that influenced his music are Rock, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggae, Dance, Electronica, Video Game Music, Pop, Jazz, and Classical. Please check out his music at SoundCloud by clicking the link below!